Starting Psychotherapy

Here are the things that you will want to know about therapy before you start. There are also downloadable versions of forms you will need to complete.

You can save time by using these resources on the web, but of course you are always encouraged to bring up specific questions directly with me. In fact, everything here is also available directly from me. Let me know if you would like me to send in the postal mail or e-mail these materials to you.

If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to use these "PDF" forms, it is available at:

A Checklist of what you will need to do before your first appointment:

1. Face Sheet and Insurance Information Form:

2. Practice Policies

3. Privacy Practices (HIPAA):

(See Contact Information for the Mailing Address and Phone Number)

A Checklist as you leave to come to your first appointment:

1. Make sure you have the three forms:

2. Consider reviewing the "Therapy Menu." You can bring it with you.

3. Make sure you have the Directions to the Office

4. Leave extra time so that you can use the whole appointment!

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