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Reminder: My practice is closed. This information is here just as an archive.

Rather than using a traditional office space, I rent a "day office" on a casual basis. Most often I meet with clients downtown, (Emerald Plaza Center, on West Broadway at Columbia).

But this means that I am also flexible about where I can meet with you. Sometimes it works to meet at a place that you have, such as your own office space. So let me know what would work for you.

Directions to the Emerald Plaza Center

402 West Broadway
Suite #400
San Diego, CA 92101

The Emerald Plaza is on West Broadway, in downtown San Diego, between Columbia and State streets. It's a highly recognizable building, looking like a group of honeycomb-shaped columns.

Do not go to the Westin at Broadway between First and Second Streets. Although there is a Westin in both places, this is not the Emerald Plaza.

If you enter on the Broadway side, you'll be in the lobby of a hotel to begin. Follow around to the backside of the lobby to find the elevators to the offices part of the building. From the Columbia Street entrance, just go to the left and take the elevator.

On the fourth floor, find the Regus receptionist. You can wait until I come out to meet you at the appointment time, or ask the receptionist to call me.

Allow time for parking and for finding the office, especially on the first visit. Remember also that traffic downtown can be slow at times.

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