About Your Managed Care Insurance

I no longer see clients under any managed care contracts. I believe that your managed care insurance works against both your and my interests. Here is why: In order to help you collect from your managed care company, I am obliged to do the following…

In addition, I would typically negotiate with your insurance company to reduce my regular hourly fee by at least $50. On your behalf, they will then pay $45 toward the remainder. In order to collect that $45 from them, I typically expend significant effort cooperating with their paperwork and procedures. Often, I am still unable to secure reimbursement. For these reasons, CAMFT now reports that a majority of California's MFTs no longer choose to participate in any managed care contracts.

I would much prefer to negotiate a fee that you can afford and which is reasonable for both of us, without involving your managed care insurance company. I strive to make it so that psychotherapy is always affordable.

I will, upon your request, prepare a bill which you can submit to your insurance yourself. You would be paid by them based on your contract for an "out of plan provider." You would still pay your fee to me, and then you could collect what you can from insurance. I would not be responsible for whether they paid the amount that you expected. Let me know if you would like to pursue that option.

For a larger political context about the insurance industry, you might look at OneCare.org.

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