Risks of Using Your Health Care Benefits
Tracking in the Medical Insurance Bureau (MIB) database

Please consider whether it is worth it to you to use your health insurance benefit to pay for psychotherapy.

The Medical Information Bureau collects information about your health history, in order to help insurance companies decide when to deny you coverage for life, health, disability, or long term care insurance. They provide your prospective insurer what they call "critical insights for the effective management of risk and exposure." If you submit an insurance claim, they may use that information to deny your application for individual insurance for up to 7 years from when they received the information. A diagnosis of "depression", for example, is often considered a serious risk factor for increased insurance usage.

You can think of it like a driving record. Because our insurance system is predicated on the notion of "individual risk selection", insurers will strive to enroll those individuals deemed less likely to make claims. Any claims made are analogous to a driving accident or traffic ticket, decreasing your ability to acquire new individual insurance.

You may be able to maintain more privacy by paying privately. However, an insurer is likely to consider it insurance fraud if you do not report medical care you have received, even if you did not use your benefits or submit a claim.

The MIB Group's statement about Your Privacy

About the MIB, from www.mib.com/html/about_us.html

MIB Group, Inc. ("MIB") is an association of over 500 U.S. and Canadian life insurance companies providing information and database management services to the financial services industry. Organized in 1902, MIB's core fraud protection services protect insurers, policyholders and applicants from attempts to conceal or omit information material to the sound and equitable underwriting of life, health, disability, and long term care insurance. Fair pricing of insurance products is largely dependent on accurate "risk assessment", "risk classification", and "risk selection". A determination of these factors begins with the assurance of accurate health information supplied on the insurance application concerning the proposed insured.

To find out if the information in your record is accurate, you can Request Your Records.

Nothing on this page should be construed as legal, financial or medical advice, and you are best advised to research these issues yourself or consult a professional for assistance in making your decisions. I am unable to provide more information than this, and cannot vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the above either.

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