November 19, 1962

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mills,

Lewis has been doing satisfactory work usually, however, his lack of self control often interferes with his learning during quiet or written work. He misses directions and frequently does not finish. He also disturbs and interrupts the other children. He needs to be spoken to about this.

Mrs. B. reports that Lewis would rather talk or sit crooked on his chair or watch his neighbors than write. At first he couldn't get a lesson finished because of this but he is doing better work now.

Lewis has a very short attention span for group play but performs the basic skills in physical education well.
- Mrs. C.

Lewis has difficulty paying attention long enough to learn the words to a song but when he does he sings it fairly well.
- Mrs. G.


   Gloria H.

April 8, 1963

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mills,

Lewis has accomplished a great deal this year...His achievement scores show he is well above public school grade level and in the upper half of all first graders in independent schools. Lewis has a particularly fine understanding of number relationships; however, he is handicapped in his classroom work by his inability to work fast. Lewis is generally the last student to hand in his work and he frequently has several papers on his desk waiting to be finished. He continues to be a wiggly worm but his attention span has increased a great deal. I have enjoyed being Louie's first grade teacher.

Mrs. G. reports that Lewis is still very easily distracted but he can sing well when he tries.

Mrs. C. reports that Lewis has improved in his individual skills and enjoyment for group play.


   Gloria H.

March 7, 1968

English, Grade 6:

Lewis is really going through "ups and downs" right now. He has a keen insight into many facets of the grammar, composition, and literature comprehension aspects of the English this year. He'd far rather relate these orally than in written form. His subtle sense of humor gets him into all kinds of "jams" which a better sense of self-direction would have appear on paper. One can intentionally increase an attention span — it's like exercise, Lewis. Work harder so the effective things you want to say will get the notice they deserve; the quality of your thought is diluted by the careless, ineffectual way you put it to paper. You have something to say; now say it effectively!

   Jean C.

June 6, 1968

English, Grade 6:

Lewis's work for the year can best be described as erratic. He has turned in work ranging from poor to superior depending on the amount of time, effort and thought he gave it. …

His compositions have shown considerable sensitivity in content, but poor to impossible mechanics and appearance of papers.

If Lewis can bring up the level of neatness and accuracy in his written work, that is, care more, he can do excellent work in English

   Jean C.

October 31, 1968

English, Grade 7:

Attitude: Inconsistent

Work Habits: Superficial

Progress and Achievement: Adequate

Lewis has shown flashes of thorough preparation and sustained effort so far this term. He is better about promptness and completeness of papers. However we need to help him organize his time, materials and self-direction. His inattentiveness for a large portion of the class time is a handicap to him when he wants to get to the job — he is vague or unsure what it was that was assigned or discussed. Seldom has he brought the appropriate materials to class; often he is removed from what is relevant in class. When he's alert and accurate, he does very good work. Much too often he is erratic and distracted.

   Jean C.

October 31, 1968

History and Anthropology, Grade 7:

Attitude: poor

Work Habits: sloppy and disorganized

Progress and Achievement: little, if any

Lewis has a great deal of ability which he does not apply to his work. His written assignments are sloppy, barely perfunctory attempts to complete the assignment. He can contribute in class and occasionally will do so but it doesn't happen often. His behavior tends to be disruptive. I hope the material we will be covering next will catch his interest because his ability is obvious.

   Doug S.

June 5, 1970

French, Grade 8:

Lewis seemed to make progress only when I was able to keep track of his studying every five minutes. Assignments even one day ahead of time were too distant to have any effect on his work habits in class. When he learns to study without someone to look over his shoulder, which is impossible even in a class of ten, he'll do just fine in French; his mastery of the skills is very good when he works. ????

   Mr. H.


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