Does Psychotherapy Make Sense for You?

Sometimes, if psychotherapy is done without sensitivity to ADHD issues, it can be problematic for an Adult with ADHD. If the premise is that "you are just not trying hard enough", or that you have an "unconscious block" to your own success, therapy is likely to do more damage than help. The first thing you need is not "Why are you this way?" but "How can you be different?"

When therapy focuses on your strengths and realistically accounts for the challenges that you face, it can be a powerful tool with which you can move forward.

Therapy can have two main goals: One is to help you solve the problems you are having in your life right now. You may be interested in strategies and approaches that will help you to be more effective right away.

The second goal of therapy is to help you understand your past difficulties and draw (probably more generous) conclusions about why you did the things you did. As you understand yourself better, it will be easier to make the adjustments that you need to be effective now. This delving into the past is not intended to discover what you did "wrong", but to set a context for understanding who you are now, so that you can move forward.

I do not generally think of therapy as being a very long term process. When there is a lot of work to do, it can sometimes be done best in shorter bursts of therapy mixed with periods where you go out and see what you can do on your own.

To get a sense of what therapy might address, take a look at my typical treatment "Menu", including issues you may be facing.

For more information, it may be most helpful to just give a call. I am willing to talk on the phone about the questions you have.

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